"I now do the work I love doing, live the life I want to live,

and I'm making the impact that I always wanted to make ."

Escape The Tutoring Trap and Turn Your Passion for Teaching into a High Income, High Impact Learning Success Coaching Practice

Designed for Work-Life Balance

Are you ready to grow an independent coaching practice that earns you a rewarding, reliable, and consistent income AND gets exceptional student results? Now is the Time.

You'll Discover:

  • The 5 traps that will you hold you back as a tutor

  • How to re-think and re-imagine your current paradigm

  • The big mind shift you need to elevate your impact, income & freedom

  • The three essential elements required to build a successful coaching practice and rise above the noise

  • How to attract students and families who see you as an investment, not as an expense

  • Why you need less students, not more

Escape the Tutoring Trap

Be An Agent of Change

A Revolutionary Learning and Coaching System To Create Student Transformations, Build a Private Coaching Practice That You Love, and Live a Life of Your Own Design.

By Kohila Sivas - Creator of the MathCodes Method™ and SuccessCodes Method™

First Edition Paperback | 95 Pages

ISBN : 978-1-7348759-6-6

KINDLE ISBN: 978-1-7348759-7-3

Print & Kindle versions are available!

About the Author

Kohila Sivas

Kohila Sivas is the creator of the revolutionary MathCodes Method™ a unique system designed to DeStress the brain so anyone can learn math without fear.

Kohila blended the math hacks she discovered to demystify math and merged them with a coaching methodology, the Meta-Learning DeStress Method™ that can transform any struggling student. She developed the MathCodes Method™ and SuccessCodes Method™ over 23 years by working one on one with over 1600 struggling students.

To fill the growing need, she created the Learning Success Coaches Association™ so all students can have a passionate and certified Learning Success Coach by their side.

She is also a fearless entrepreneur, a parent, a lifelong fighter and learner.

Since 2018, she and her partner Rod Bellamy have trained passionate educators to launch and grow independent coaching practices using the MathCodes Method™ and SuccessCodes Method™.

The Learning Success Coach Association (LSCA) is a growing organization that offers professional certification for teachers, tutors, and subject experts to start their own independent coaching practices.

"We are NOT tutors, We are MORE than a Teacher,

We are 'Wholistic' Success Coaches"