The Learning Success Coaching Program

The Learning Success Coaching Program


Well, I'm ecstatically happy there's just so..

"Well, I'm ecstatically happy there's just so much that Kohila’s given us. And it's been awesome. 
My husband's actually kind of a little jealous because he's an engineer and I'm going to be making more than him."

– Sharon

"Now I can help students the way that I want to in the way that they need it. And I can run my business the way that I want to run my business, and I can change it in any way that I want to at any time.

Everything I had learned from you two years ago has come true. But not only has it come true, it's exceeded my expectations."

– Malgosha, Calgary, Alberta

"What you're teaching is phenomenal, the community is phenomenal. Everybody is so supportive."

– Mechel, Michigan US

"This is a perfect opportunity for those of us that love education and really believe in doing the best thing for kids and it’s just so refreshing. It's way easier than you think. Everything is provided for you. Trust the process, it works.

I booked my first call, and there wasn't one hesitation from the parents. They were 100% in.   And then just authentically, I had 3 others come to me."

– Sharlene, Canada

I wouldn't have even believed that..

"I wouldn't have even believed that I would be completely in my own business in five weeks. I'm looking at exceeding my income by next week. I know you say 90 days, but I'm telling you, I'm good right now!

I live literally, in one of the poorest states in the United States of America, this is where I am. The economy that I'm in is terrible. And I'm successful. If I can do it, anybody can."

– Madalyn, Mississippi, United States

"I’ve been an LSC under two months, and after I scheduled my first call with a parent, I thought this is working.  But before that call happened, all of a sudden I got three more. So it’s true, there really is a lot of need out there."

– Lisa, Pennsylvania

"One of my biggest takeaways so far with the Learning Success coach is that all my limiting beliefs are for nothing."

– Lisa, Norwood, Pennsylvania

"I’m finally able to individualize students as we should be doing in the classroom, but don't have the time or the capacity to do in the classroom.

You have to invest in yourself, but you’ll be able to do what you love doing without someone else standing over you telling you how to do it."

– Jenn

My mindset has really changed. I've always..

"My mindset has really changed. I've always had a positive mindset but listening to Kohila changed me a lot because initially, I was really nervous, but I have to tell you that nervousness is gone.

Initially I was like, oh, there's no way someone's going to pay me that value, but parents love it. They want it because it’s real and it works, and it makes sense. "

– Lynnette

"I matched my monthly salary very easily in less than three months and I was earning the highest teacher salary possible for my district.

Learning Success Coaching is a good investment in yourself; from your mindset, to the business systems, it's all there. And, as long as you go step by step you will succeed. It's a game changer. It's a life changer. So, if you're on the fence, take the leap."

– Heidi B, Montreal, Quebec

"Before I joined, I was hopeful and I was exhausted with trying to figure it out on my own. I was really hopeful that this program had the answers and now I am confident that it does. It’s no longer, "will this work?" because it's, it's actively working."

– Leslie, Tampa, Florida

"My biggest fear and the biggest part about this program is actually teaching virtually. So that was a big hurdle for me, and I'm just very, very happy that I was able to jump over that hurdle and I'm very confident now in my ability. I definitely love the freedom of it. That's the best part. Setting my own hours and just having that control."

– Deneille, Atlanta, Georgia

I'm just really, really thankful..

"I'm just really, really thankful. Not only are you sharing this information and training and providing awesome support, there's no judgment and the community is wonderful. I think you guys did a fantastic job of choosing the people."

– Emily

"Kohila has really tapped into finding a way that educators can do what they love but also being able to maintain that work-life balance that we all crave. I've been doing the program for a year and I was able to coach while I was teaching, and I just left the classroom.

As a Learning Success Coach you know your value, and you charge what you're worth. And Kohila taught me how to do that."

– Beverly, Vestavia Hills, Alabama

" I was a teacher for 25 years, so leaving that steady paycheck is is pretty scary. But once you tap into the system and the networks, the work can be as much as you want it to be, but you're in control. So it is scary, but it's worth the leap."

– Chris, Houlton, Maine

"You have to really understand that this program is going to help you develop a way to really build up your worth and value. And so that you can truly help kids and such a deeper and more whole level than you ever thought would be possible.

I built my business over the summer months and I handed in my notice before September and I feel like I have a new superpowers."

– Kristen, Planes Illinois

"Having a great support group and knowing that I'm not alone feels amazing."

– Cassandra

"I love it. It’s life changing and it definitely was perfect alignment for me. It was what I needed in my life at the moment when I was feeling really down and burnt out with education and considering leaving altogether. But I knew that that wasn't what my heart wanted to do. So it makes me happy to know that I've found my happiness in education again."

– Terri, Washington D.C.

"This is spot on! What you’ve put together is so powerful, and I’ve only just started with the program, and I know exactly where I am going. What also speaks volumes is how easy it is to talk to people about, and I already have people saying, when you are finished let me know!"

– Molly, Havertown, Pennsylvania

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